Advanced Penetration Testing - Hacking the world's most secure networks


Typical penetration testing is highly formulaic and involves little more than time-limited network and application security audits. If they are to have any hope of defending their assets against attacks by today's highly motivated professional hackers, high-value targets will have to do a better job of hardening their IT infrastructures. And that can only be achieved by security analysts and engineers fully versed in the professional hacker's manual of dirty tricks and penetration techniques.

Written by a top security expert who has performed hacking and penetration testing for Fortune 100 companies worldwide, Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World's Most Secure Networks schools you in advanced techniques for targeting and compromising high-security environments that aren't taught in any certification prep or covered by common defense scanners. Author Wil Allsopp goes well beyond Kali linux and Metasploit to provide a complex, highly realistic attack simulation. Taking a multidisciplinary approach combining social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits, he teaches you how to:

  • Discover and create attack vectors
  • Move unseen through a target enterprise and reconnoiter networks, operating systems, and test structures
  • Employ social engineering strategies to create an initial compromise
  • Establish a beachhead and leave a robust command-and-control structure in place
  • Use advanced data exfiltration techniques—even against targets without direct Internet connections
  • Utilize advanced methods for escalating privilege
  • Infiltrate deep into networks and operating systems using harvested credentials
  • Create custom code using VBA, Windows® Scripting Host, C, Java®, JavaScript®, Flash, and more

Unauthorised Access - Physical Penetration Testing for IT Security Teams

Most IT security teams concentrate on keeping networks and systems safe from attacks from the outside-but what if your attacker was on the inside? While nearly all IT teams perform a variety of network and application penetration testing procedures, an audit and test of the physical location has not been as prevalent. IT teams are now increasingly requesting physical penetration tests, but there is little available in terms of training. The goal of the test is to demonstrate any deficiencies in operating procedures concerning physical security.

Featuring a Foreword written by world-renowned hacker Kevin D. Mitnick and lead author of The Art of Intrusion and The Art of Deception, this book is the first guide to planning and performing a physical penetration test. Inside, IT security expert Wil Allsopp guides you through the entire process from gathering intelligence, getting inside, dealing with threats, staying hidden (often in plain sight), and getting access to networks and data.

  • Teaches IT security teams how to break into their own facility in order to defend against such attacks, which is often overlooked by IT security teams but is of critical importance
  • Deals with intelligence gathering, such as getting access building blueprints and satellite imagery, hacking security cameras, planting bugs, and eavesdropping on security channels
  • Includes safeguards for consultants paid to probe facilities unbeknown to staff
  • Covers preparing the report and presenting it to management